About us


We want Everbay to inspire people and encourage them to love each other, the way they are. We love our job because it is about people. We get to meet you, experience something important together and through images we tell about who you are. 

In wedding photography we don't like cliches and strive to create honest and timeless work, because we understand that the value of these photographs will rise with time and in a few years people will look on it differently.

We love traveling and through our photography we have been lucky to meet a lot of amazing people and work at wonderful places abroad like New Zealand, Iceland, New York, London, our home Czech republic and the beautiful city of Prague where we are based. 

We are available for weddings and elopements mainly around Europe from April - October and New Zealand / Australia from November - March.

Scroll down to get to know a bit more about us and our approach to photography and if you like what you see, feel free to get in touch!

Martin & Zuza


Who We Are


We are Martin and Suzie and with our photography we try to amplify the love that we see between people. We both quit our careers in marketing to set out on a more meaningful direction in our lives together and to be able to travel round the world.



Besides shooting digital, I make black&white silver gelatin prints from film because I love their feel and enjoy using my bare hands to create a photograph. 

I love wandering alone across Iceland and sleeping in lava fields, on cliffs, and just about anywhere I can stop the car sometime after midnight. 

I play in a rock and roll band. 

Once I was returning home from New Zealand, watching a documentary about Sebastiao Salgado where his agent spoke about first time seeing his work: “I thought that this is the work of a man who cares about people.” I instantly thought, that’s exactly how I feel about documenting someone's life, and how I would love other people to feel about my work.

Nevertheless, my one true photographic hero is Josef Koudelka.



From my early age I was admiring inspiring people, cutting enthralling interviews from the magazines, fascinated by the stories and the people themself.

Living in London in always surprising Camden Town and getting lost with my camera made me super happy. Especially the thrift shops!

Working as delegate in Greece and watching the sunsets behind the Olympos mountains made me curious to travel and explore more.

I always love to keep myself occupied with various creative projects and the best way of relax is to be on the roadtrip and listening to Martin's singing.


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