Iceland Honeymoon Adventure / Rahul & Manju

We have grown up in different cultures, but it happened that Rahul and I have each found our way to Iceland in the past years and were touched deeply by its beauty. When he was deciding where to go for honeymoon with his wife Manjusha, it was clear for him that he wanted bring her to this mystic island.

We spent a lot of time in the car together and had a really unforgettable time on our way through snowy hills, lava fields and breezy mountains...


Iceland Adventures / Shot on film

Three years ago on this day we arrived in Iceland for the first time.

I knew that this was going to be kind of a life changing experience even before we left our home and I wanted to bring back home images that will remind me how it felt like to be there.

I knew that digital camera probably won't be the best option for that, because I'd be posing the photos a lot more, keep looking at the screen all the time, bring home thousands of photos and tone them with presets (another layer of a pose), and so what I'd end up with would be more a product of sitting at home in front of a computer, rather than photos that would be actually created on the island. However, I didn't have that much experience with shooting film so I could easily end up with coming back with only memories in my mind. That was a risk, but also a part of the fun. I didn't come to Iceland to make cool photos, but to learn why is it that this place resonates with me so much.

Majority of these photos were shot on my 60 years old Leica M3, I was mostly guessing the exposure and going for a grainy underexposed feel. Some photos were shot on a Pentax 67 and some on a Polaroid 250 or SX-70. Everything here was shot on film...


Glowing Sun, Búðir Bridal Editorial on film / Iceland Wedding Photographer

It's 7 pm, we have just come home from Sigur Rós show in Linz and their amazing concert teleported me mentally back to lava fields, sulphur smelling creeks and landscape filled with smiling horses.

I want to show you a series of photos that I shot in Búðir, Snæfellsnes Peninsula earlier this year as a bridal editorial with beautiful Petrúnella Kristjánsdóttir, who was just such an amazing model and looked gorgeous in an ethereal dress by ODIVI/SOBJE, and my friend Rinat, with whom I can discuss art for hours. I thank you guys.

The atmosphere of the day was really extraordinary and I wanted to show in my images the feel of the day as it went from blue sky through stormy clouds later in the afternoon to rainbow catharsis at the end. I knew that film is going to help me create more honest images so I shot it all on Kodak Portra and Tri-X films. Again my dear Carmencita Film Lab did all the scanning. I also hope that this series would show my genuine love for this country...


Kate & Sam, Tuatapere Sheep Farm / New Zealand Wedding Photographer

It was spring. As you drove across the island it almost felt like only suckling animals live here, because there were so many lambs and small rabbits running around the fields. We were headed all the way down to the very South of the South Island to a gorgeous sheep farm in Tuatapere to photograph the wedding of Kate and Sam. 

We were so happy to spend a few days with the family, learnt a few of their funny stories over a barbecue, got some great tips for our next trips and mainly document this beautiful family and friends gathering as that's what this was all about, good people enjoying their time together...


The Nicest Swim In All The Mountains Of The World / Seljavallalaug Pool

"It was built around 1923 by a local farmer who wanted to teach young people how to swim. There were streams of geothermal water flowing from the mountains and the guys used it to fill the pool, it's all natural," an old Viking king of guy told me as we were enjoying the warm water and the views around and went on: "The first time I swam in the pool was over 30 years ago and over the years I used to work on this place. You're very lucky because if you came tomorrow, the pool would be empty. Later today people will come to clean it. They only do this once a year and you just came right before they do it, so we're the last guys to swim here for a few weeks..."


Secret Winter Wedding

Last month we had the pleasure of capturing one intimate wedding which was held in secret and only a few of the couple's friends knew about it. Their idea was just to enjoy each other somewhere outside in the nature.

They wanted to get married somewhere far in the woods and after about an hour of walk from the cottage, we found a quiet plain which was just perfect. When you held your breath, the only thing that you could hear where the snowflakes. And the world was all white...


Louise & Fraser / Gemstone Beach, New Zealand Engagement

The furthest down south that you can go in New Zealand's South Island lies the Gemstone Beach. Washed by the Pacific Ocean it's a windy place where the sea sparkles in the sunset and when the wind stops for a while, sometimes you can hear the sheep grazing on the cliffs.

In December we did an engagement session with Louise & Fraser, who actually live in Australia, but came home for a wedding. We had a great time with you and look forward to meeting you again...


Genevieve & Jeremy / Shoreditch, London

You know the feeling when you have a certain place to walk in your mind and the other person says it out loud just when you are about to say it. That's what we brought home from our session with Genevieve and Jeremy when we strolled down Shoreditch on one beautiful October Sunday. The guys were so kind and beautiful!

G & J showed us around their favourite places and where to get the best coffee and burger. And now we also know that Sunday is the time to hang out in Shoreditch because of the big Sunday flower market...