Failure was the topic of the latest Creative Mornings in Prague.

When shooting an event, I'm usually in a mindset that I need to have enough frames to make it a story. This time though, I thought maybe all you need is one frame that tells it all.

Standing sideways, I witnessed a strange play of lights above Karel Janecek as he was scratching his head, talking about his failures. Believe me, his huge success is backed by huge risks he took, failures and also lessons he learnt along the way (all of which is admirable). So, this was the frame.

Anyway, it took me 10 frames (10 failures you could say) before I got what I came for. And even then, the exposure sucked due to my (iphone app) light guessing. Whatever, there he is.

Shot on Leica M3 and Kodak Tri-X, home developed and scanned.

And here's a couple more frames, the "15" is a scan of a mark on the frame with Karel scratching his head.