Mother Earth Speaks to You

Through every flower.


Going to Iceland really makes you think about how unbelievably beautiful our planet is. While making a trip to Hveragerði, we shot a series of photos trying to listen to what the Nature has to say together with beautiful Hjördís, who was amazing both as a model (look her up here) and a friend. She walked in a cold mud for hours and when I asked her if she's ok and doesn't want to put her shoes on, she replied: "Don't worry, I have a Vikings blood in my veins." 

Also, I have a small confession to make. I shot these photos one year ago and I'm sharing them after so long probably because sometimes I feel like the reason for traveling for so many people these days is to get cool photos for their social networks and I'd hate to find myself being a part of that. I made the photos for myself. And also I'm flying back there next week so it feels like the right time to get in the mood.

I shot all the photos on my old Leica M3, Pentax 67 and a bunch of Kodak films and developed them in my favorite Carmencita.


To be continued.