Iceland Honeymoon Adventure / Rahul & Manju

We have grown up in different cultures, but it happened that Rahul and I have each found our way to Iceland in the past years and were touched deeply by its beauty. When he was deciding where to go for honeymoon with his wife Manjusha, it was clear for him that he wanted bring her to this mystic island.

We spent a lot of time in the car together and had a really unforgettable time on our way through snowy hills, lava fields and breezy mountains. And no matter where we come from, we found out to have so much in common, like when we found old CDs in our rented car and figured that we love the same band or the place where Rahul proposed to Manju was the same where I took Suzie for our first date. Just imagine our ride through Iceland.

I am incredibly and honestly grateful for clients like you, who are not afraid to go one step further to fulfill their dreams and set off for a honeymoon adventure like the one we had in March in Iceland.


Now let's get on the road!