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Kate & Sam, Tuatapere Sheep Farm / New Zealand Wedding Photographer

It was spring. As you drove across the island it almost felt like only suckling animals live here, because there were so many lambs and small rabbits running around the fields. We were headed all the way down to the very South of the South Island to a gorgeous sheep farm in Tuatapere to photograph the wedding of Kate and Sam. 

We were so happy to spend a few days with the family, learnt a few of their funny stories over a barbecue, got some great tips for our next trips and mainly document this beautiful family and friends gathering as that's what this was all about, good people enjoying their time together...


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Secret Winter Wedding

Last month we had the pleasure of capturing one intimate wedding which was held in secret and only a few of the couple's friends knew about it. Their idea was just to enjoy each other somewhere outside in the nature.

They wanted to get married somewhere far in the woods and after about an hour of walk from the cottage, we found a quiet plain which was just perfect. When you held your breath, the only thing that you could hear where the snowflakes. And the world was all white...


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