Secret Winter Wedding

Last month we had the pleasure of capturing one intimate wedding which was held in secret and only a few of the couple's friends knew about it. Their idea was just to enjoy each other somewhere outside in the nature.

They wanted to get married somewhere far in the woods and after about an hour of walk from the cottage, we found a quiet plain which was just perfect. When you held your breath, the only thing that you could hear where the snowflakes. And the world was all white...


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Louise & Fraser / Gemstone Beach, New Zealand Engagement

The furthest down south that you can go in New Zealand's South Island lies the Gemstone Beach. Washed by the Pacific Ocean it's a windy place where the sea sparkles in the sunset and when the wind stops for a while, sometimes you can hear the sheep grazing on the cliffs.

In December we did an engagement session with Louise & Fraser, who actually live in Australia, but came home for a wedding. We had a great time with you and look forward to meeting you again...


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Genevieve & Jeremy / Shoreditch, London

You know the feeling when you have a certain place to walk in your mind and the other person says it out loud just when you are about to say it. That's what we brought home from our session with Genevieve and Jeremy when we strolled down Shoreditch on one beautiful October Sunday. The guys were so kind and beautiful!

G & J showed us around their favourite places and where to get the best coffee and burger. And now we also know that Sunday is the time to hang out in Shoreditch because of the big Sunday flower market...


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Mother Earth Speaks to You

Going to Iceland really makes you think about how unbelievably beautiful our planet is. While making a trip to Hveragerði, we shot a series of photos trying to listen to what the Nature has to say together with beautiful Hjördís, who was amazing both as a model (look her up here) and a friend. She walked in a cold mud for hours and when I asked her if she's ok and doesn't want to put her shoes on, she replied: "Don't worry, I have a Vikings blood in my veins..."


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