After several Mornings I shot digitally, I felt that I want to go for film this time.

But I could hardly have a more stupid idea than photographing an event on a Polaroid, a medium I'd never shot with before, on a film that is way too slow for the light conditions there and which gives you only a few frames to then choose from.

But this time we talked about childhood and children are allowed to try things that are stupid or new. It just fits.

In the end, holding the image in your hand, a beautifully coated photograph (especially the Fuji FP-100C) with that gorgeous texture, that's a whole lotta different experience than staring on a screen.

The films were kindly provided by the guys from Polagraph, an analog store/gallery in Prague that I'm a big fan of. Check their site PolaroidLove too. 


One must stay always active, or is slowly dying a way.
— Vlastislav Toman