Ryan o fotografii

Dneska v deset večer se dozvíme, kdy se začne vysílat druhá řada [F]ramed Film Show, pokud jste nechytli tu první, určitě se na ní mrkněte. Tady je ochutnávka z jednoho dílu, kdy Ryan mluví o fotografii.

"It's not just photography, it's a lot more than that…

When you think about those pieces of art that affect you the most, the movies, the songs that get you emotional and really change you, as a viewer it's a powerful experience. But to take on the responsibility of being the person that's going to try to create that for someone else, you have to confront a lot of stuff about yourself.

If you wanna convey images about love or terror or stress or heart-ache or separation or joy, or whatever that is, you really gonna have to come to terms with what those things mean to you.


When you find those artists that you admire and you read their quotes, there's always that element  your gear doesn't matter.

But what they're trying to relate to is, all the gear is gonna do is capture what's there but it's up to artist to put the interpretation on it.

The harder you work, the more honest with yourself you have to be. When you wanna start taking those next steps it's not just getting better at your gear because you can get as good as you need to be with your gear in a couple of months but the journey to be more honest with yourself and express more freely and have your work have greater impact that's a lifelong commitment, to confronting all those issues."

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