Iceland Wedding Photographer

The landscapes. The horses and their distinctive smile. Sheep, everywhere. Green. People not actually having family surnames. Hiking. Like hiking volcanos and mountains where you do get scared. At least for the first time. Walking for hours silent. And singing because there's nobody around to tell you to shut up. The sulphur smell. Small hidden hot springs. Lying there at night and watching the Northern Lights. The. Northern. Lights. Watching them for hours as they dance from one side of the horizon to the other, in a complete state of awe. The people. The people of Iceland are one of the kindest we've ever met. And beautiful. Skyr. Sigur Rós. The sheep wool. The magnificence of the icebergs. And morning tranquility of the iceberg lake. The sound of melting ice. The sea dogs playing in it. The language sounding like from some mythological world. The roads. The peace. The colors of sunrises and sunsets. The beer (yes, the beer, who would've said, but try Viking for example and you'll see!).


We know why you are probably considering Iceland for your wedding, elopement or honeymoon. And we would love to be there with you to capture your special day in photographs.




Your wedding photographs should remind you how it felt to be there. They should be personal and made by people who cared about you. That's what we believe. If you like what you see in our galleries below and feel like we are on the same page, we would love to photograph your special day!





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