Everbay Studio was created by Martin & Sue out of passion for telling stories about people, exploring life through photography, and travelling the world together.

Everbay: A place that is always open, harbor welcoming those who come from near and far, and port where journeys long and short begin. A place where anything is possible.

We’ve both always had artistic spirit. Life brought us first to study marketing though and that’s when we actually met.

Maybe that was the reason. After spending a few years working in a corporation we both quit our careers in marketing to set out on a more meaningful direction in our lives together and to be able to travel the world. We wanted to give a name to our artistic efforts, one that we could identify with along the way, a brand that would always show us a direction where we’re going. We came up with Everbay.

This is us. Our friends @norajelinek & @viktorjelinek gave us a roll of Kodak T-Max as a present and our friend @vysohlid took our new portraits with it. Martin developed it, scanned it, et voilà.


First let’s take a brief look at some of — our work


…after that you should definitely check some of our favorite stories!

Oh and by the way — we shoot weddings

Anywhere. You can find some of our favorite stories here and if you feel like you can connect with some of our work, let us know, we’d love to create something beautiful with you.

PS. We’ve just launched this new website, so there’s a lot more to come! In the meantime you can check out our instagram with recent updates.

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