About us

     Everbay is a wedding photography studio created by Martin and Susan Slechta and over the years have documented weddings all over the world, from New Zealand’s hilltops, to Tuscany’s vineyeards, historic cities like our hometown of Prague, underground galcier caves of Iceland or cities that never sleep like Las Vegas.

     We named the studio Everbay to always evoke the optimistic view of the world of possibilities wherever you go, or sail. After university degrees and years of getting experiences in marketing departments of international corporations, it was this idea that helped us change the course of our lives and follow our inspiration wherever it leads us.

     In our work and life we often find the best inspiration in unexpected places, and we’re the kind who, if falls in love with something, goes all the way, like our little “summer castle” that was built in 1730, that we acquired recently and now are trying to save and give new life to.

     And we love how we never know what arrives in our mailbox. But we know that it will always bring a story worth telling. We do wedding photography because we know how beautiful it is when people find each other, and with our work we can always remind them.

     We look for poetics that life creates on its own, and are inspired by stories of the people who kindly let us in. And to be honest we also appreciate how elements from the world of art, fashion and architecture bring mood and energy to the day. If at least some of it can be captured on film, we know it will have a personal feel as we really enjoy getting up from the computer and going to make some photos with our hands.

     We like to learn from small children and their creativity how there are no wrong shapes or colors, from painters how to look at what’s inside, and from photographic giants like Josef Koudelka how to see humanity with a split second reflex.

     Our work has been recognized internationally with The Best European Wedding Story Award at Way Up North or Best Wedding Series in Wedding category at International Photography Awards, we’ve been invited as speakers to international wedding conferences and workshops like Way Up North Rome, Wolves Workshop in La Graciosa or Legacy Workshop Paris. Our work has also been featured in major wedding blogs like Green Wedding Shoes, Brides, Magnolia Rouge or Junebug, as well as media outlets like Forbes or national Czech TV.

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