Milion moments
for a
healthy democracy

                         ...was a series of the biggest demonstrations in Prague since the Velvet Revolution in 1989 which brought down the communist regime in the Czech Republic. I was interested to see the human side of it.

An estimated quarter of a million Czechs took over the plain overlooking Prague’s historical center, the site of the mass protests that ultimately led to the fall of the country’s Communist regime three decades ago, calling for a resignation of Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis, who is connected with several serious scandals. Over 250 thousand people came to Letna in June and November.


One of Andrei Babis’ controversial laws is electronic cash register law, known as EET in the Czech Republic, which introduced a mandatory system of electronic records of cash sales of goods and services, causing many small business close down.

A stork in a nest is a symbol of Babis’ corruption, referring to allegations of EU subsidy fraud in his Stork’s Nest conference centre.

This series was shot in Summer and Fall 2019 on Leica M3 and Kodak Tri-X.


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