Lake Como Wedding ALEX+YURI

Italy has a special place in our hearts. It gifted us with so many beautiful moments and connected us with people who share the same life view as we. It’s April ’20 and watching the situation around the world breaks our heart every day. Back at home these days it helps to get back to those memories, to give us hope before we can be back learning from Italians what they know the best in the world — how to celebrate life.

One of those stories for us is a three day wedding festa italiana on Lake Como by Alex & Yuri. Driving around the lake in a cinquecento, stopping on the way to explore lakeside with its old narrow streets, taste pasta and gelati. Bringing their closest families and friends from around the world for a couple days to witness their romantic ceremony was a perfect way to both chill and celebrate life, the Italian way.

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Accessible by foot or boat..

..the magnificent Villa del Balbianello is known for its picturesque terrace gardens and elegant, romantic 18th century architecture. No wonder that it’s been an inspiration for many writers and scholars, as well as home to Guido Monzino who led the first expedition to Mt. Everest, as many artifacts on display in the villa attest. Besides that it’s a place where Anakin and Padmé got married and James and Vesper had a $120M afternoon date.








Ok so where’s the wedding?

Glad you asked.




La Fine


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La Fine — The End.
Now for real, thank you for watching.


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