Viva Las Vegas Wedding — 5 days in Vegas and quite possibly the wildest wedding the Sin City has seen in a long time.


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A few words. Each wedding is different and we love how incredibly inspiring it is every time as every couple has their own life story, their own background and their own idea of what it means to be together. And their own idea of the wedding. It always touches us and we hope to pay it forward in our photos.

We welcome change, we love shooting at places where we have never been before, and it entertains us when things don’t go as planned. Shooting someone’s wedding is like stepping into a movie where they are the main characters and you’re eagerly watching how it’s gonna go.

Here in some of our favorite stories you won’t find the same photos all over again just with different people in them. What you find instead is hopefully a little artful show giving you a memory of how it felt to be there (even though you may not have). We are very grateful how close people let us in for one of the most important days of their lives.

Rainbow Street Wedding in Iceland — This is what happens when you let a bunch of people from NYC come make a wedding in Iceland, bring their art & fashion scene with them and do what they want. Laura & Stu have this special beautiful quantum weirdness in them, you’ll see…

La Dolce Vita Style Tuscany Wedding — Stay tuned, coming soon.

Vila Tugendhat Wedding — It would have always been our dream to document a wedding in Vila Tugendhat designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1930s, but they don’t held weddings there. And yet Domi and Ivo managed to make it happen and we are so grateful to have been a part of it….

Lake Como Wedding — Italy has a special place in our hearts. It gifted us with so many beautiful moments and connected us with people who share the same life view as we. One of those stories for us is a three day wedding festa italiana on Lake Como by Alex & Yuri…

Zikmundov Wedding — They are the kind of people with whom we never run out of topics and always enjoy some good food together. We’ve been friends with Evinka & Jarda for many years which gave all the micro stories that happen during the wedding day extra meaning to us. One thing was for sure. No one rushed anywhere. Their wedding chill was just meant to be…

Búðir Iceland Elopement — Australia to Búðir. Say Yes. Cruise the island, immerse in the elements. Comb your mustache, hang the hair loose in the wind. Stop at the height of that trip and hop on a plane to Portugal to ride the hell out of Europe…

Artistic Maternity Shot On Film — When every inch of my skin says it’s coming. I want to see me clearly through blurry images, feel the beating in them. I am bringing into this marvelous world new life…

Prague Wedding Editorial — A series of photographs to inspire inner discussion of a bride-to-be about one of the most important questions when planning a wedding ― Whose wedding is it?

The galleries we are working on to show you next include an ethereal destination wedding in Sintra, Portugal, a wedding at a beautiful old sheep farm in Wanaka, New Zealand, a designer wedding in Chateau Trebesice, Czech Republic, a beautiful sunlit destination wedding in Tuscany, one very interesting local traditional Hindu wedding in Bali and more. Please stay in touch.

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